Discover the new Nasivent TubePlus!

We are pleased that you are interested in Nasivent. The newly developed Nasivent Tube Plus nasal dilator is used worldwide to improve nasal breathing,  sports and remedies for snoring. Nasivent cannot cure snoring, but in many cases it can help to make the associated sounds quieter or, in the best case, even stop them altogether.

Snoring is the symptom of disturbed breathing during sleep. It is usually triggered by several factors, such as obesity, alcohol or medication, but also stress and allergies. In many cases, snoring is caused or significantly aggravated by constrictions and blockages in the nasal passage. Nasal dilators are a good way to improve breathing through the nose and thus make it easier to get oxygen when sleeping. Snoring can be quieter or even stop altogether. Nasal dilators are easy to use, and because they are minimally invasive, they are recommended as an alternative in the treatment and therapy of snoring, especially before surgical procedures.

Nasivent Tube Plus is available in 5 different sizes. If you do not know your size yet, we recommend our Nasivent Tube Plus Starter Set. It contains all 5 Nasivent Tube Plus sizes and is the best choice to reliably find the right size.

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